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Your RAR Secrets Course

Have you ever needed, or wished, that you could somehow go beyond using WinRAR.exe and swiftly learn how to create, customise or improve your own applications?

Let me introduce you to RAR.exe: WinRAR’s older brother, as it provides a much larger set of commands and switches when compared with WinRAR.exe. These two unique courses are designed to familiarise you with most of RAR.exe’s 100+ commands and switches.

So to begin with, if you are not yet familiar with using RAR.exe with Windows Cmd, we now provide the free RAR Command Line 12 part course for you to learn about using RAR.exe with Windows Command Line.

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You can now enroll in the more advanced RAR Secrets Course. Where you will first learn to create your own very useful, .bat file multi line program apps, then in the second section of this course you will discover how to use Windows Powershell to create a wider range of incredibly helpful RAR.exe based projects, for use in both business and at home.

This RSC course provides access to each of its 30 video tutorials, with over 5 1/2 hours of video training that you can watch at your own pace, download the many resources – including project files and reference material for further study – and during this course you will learn many useful and practical RAR.exe based programming hints and tips.

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