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How to register your WinRAR License Key

Note! you MUST first download and install the latest version of WinRAR from https://winrar.co.nz/downloads/.


1. Attached to your registration email from WinRAR NZ is your WinRAR License Key link.

2. When you click on that link it will show your unique rarreg.rar file.

3. Ignore the center of the page and click on this download icon  on the right hand side of that window:   

4. This will download your unique rarreg.rar file, so make sure it goes into your Downloads folder, so that you can find it later. 

5. Now go to your Downloads folder with File Explorer and click on rarreg.rar. 

6. That will automatically open WinRAR and you will see something like this:  :

7. Click Save and you may see a very quick message appear, indicating that WinRAR has processed your file.

8. Now close and reopen WinRAR and click on the “Help” tab at the top right then select “About WinRAR”.

9. You should now see your registration details:  :


Please Note: It is very important that you now copy your rarreg.key file from your C:\Downloads folder to a safe external backup, so that you can reinstall it in the future!


Problems with your WinRAR Registration? Registration Help