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We are pleased to offer a 25% discount for bona fide Secondary Schools and Educational Institutes.

WinRAR Multi License Educational Discount US$ prices

You must purchase the minimum quantity (left column) to qualify for the discounted price in that row. Further discounts are also available.

WinRAR Licensing is per PC / Laptop / workstation. The number of licenses in use in a network environment must not be less than the maximum possible amount of simultaneous users. To cover future expansion, 5 or more licences can be added at a later date, based on the original license multiple rate. Licenses can be for use by; the purchaser, the purchaser’s employees, or accredited agents, up to the maximum number of licences purchased. You can mix and match WinRAR and/or RAR for any available operating system, all for the same discounted price.

WinRAR or RAR can be installed individually on each PC / Laptop / workstation using our WinRAR Registration Key Installer utility, or can be distributed organisation wide through most software distribution apps. Special logins are not required for users to use the software.

WinRAR Academic Discount Request Form

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WinRAR Information:

WinRAR is compatible with 64 or 32 bit Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and Windows Server. RAR, the command line version of WinRAR, is also available for Linux, FreeBSD and MAC OS X. Licences for any of the above can be mixed and matched as required.

You are invited to download and trial the latest version of our software for yourself from here. The trial version runs for 40 days without any nag screens. On expiration of the 40 days, all users will be regularly prompted to purchase a license or remove the software.

WinRAR Annual Maintenance Service Package (WMS)

WMS is available for licensed users, enabling you to receive priority support and all upgrades, as well as keep the advantage of your current lower per unit price for future WinRAR license extensions.

This is based on 15% of your per unit license, and would be payable with the above and then billed to you each year on the anniversary of the original purchase..

Although the WinRAR annual maintenance service is optional it is highly recommended for all multiple license customers, who would like to keep their future costs in line and at the same time make sure they will always have access to the most up-to-date product, priority support and upgrades. 

For more information on the WinRAR Annual Maintenance Service package click here.

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